What Happens When A Tai Chi Master Confronts An MMA Fighter

What Happens When A Tai Chi Master Confronts An MMA Fighter

We’ve got it all in this video: tai chi, an MMA fighter, a 5000 dollar wager, as well as a lot of pride on the line. 

A tai chi master decided to put his skills to the test against an MMA fighter, and let’s just say it ended poorly for one of the participants. Care to make a guess as to which one before we reveal the results?

Tai chi, a martial art and fitness regime?

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art often practised both for its defensive training as well as its health benefits. Although it was initial created as a martial art, currently it is seen more commonly practised for a number of other reasons: as a form of exercise and as a competitive sport to name a couple.

In a fight, is tai chi effective?

As a result, tai chi is more commonly these days known as branch of martial art that favours relatively slow, rudimental movements. However MMA is a competitive sport in which the goal is to dispatch the opponent with any combination of established martial art practices like muay thai, jiu-jitsu, boxing, and wrestling to name a few. Tai chi is one martial art that is not likely to be seen practised by a seasoned MMA fighter. We’ll let you decide why.

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Considering that, this fight should have never taken place in all honesty. Following the initial handshake came the 7 quickest seconds of this tai chi master’s life. 5000 dollars well spent on his behalf we’d like to think. 

Check out the video above to see the fight for yourself! 

• Stacey Williams
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