Benjamin Mendy: Second man charged by the court in alleged rape case

While Benjamin Mendy is currently in pre-trial detention following accusations of rape and sexual assault, a second man has now been charged by the British justice system.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy still behind bars

Since 26 August, Benjamin Mendy has been remanded in custody by the British justice system. The French left-back is accused of four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault on three women over the age of 16. Three of the alleged rapes are alleged to have taken place back in October 2020, the alleged sexual assault in January 2021 and the fourth alleged rape in August 2021.

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The former Monegasque had initially requested his release on bail, which was rejected by the prosecution. He then asked for a release under judicial supervision, which was once again rejected.

The Manchester City player is currently held in Liverpool prison. According to the revelations of the English daily The Sun, the player is living a hellish life behind bars, his conditions of detention having leaked to the media.

Second man charged

On Monday, 6 September, a second man has been charged in the case concerning the 2018 World Champion. A man named Louis Saha Matturie, 40, is accused of having committed four rapes on three people between April and August 2021, according to the revelations of the police of Cheshire reported by Agence France-Presse.

For the moment, no link has been established between this man and Benjamin Mendy. Matturie is due to appear in court in Chester on Friday, alongside the French defender.

Benjamin Mendy charged with two more counts of rapes in view of his trial Benjamin Mendy charged with two more counts of rapes in view of his trial