This is what to order at a pub to keep fit

How do you indulge in a night of drinking without suffering the consequences of the calories that come with it?

This is what to order at a pub to keep fit
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This is what to order at a pub to keep fit

The worst thing you could possibly do to yourself while trying to keep up with your diet and/or fitness routine is to restrict yourself to a point where you stop enjoying life. The key to successfully keeping up with your fitness goals all the while relishing in life's delights is to find a healthy balance.

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So how does one apply this when it comes to choosing the right stuff to drink when out with the lads at a pub?

First things first, unfortunately, pints are off the table. Calories found in your average pint of beer are equivalent to having an entire slice of pepperoni pizza. Same thing goes for wine—especially the red variety. So, as a result, try going for spirit-forward cocktails.

The boozier the better

The single most important thing you must keep in mind when ordering a cocktail is its sugar content. That's the stuff that's really gonna kill your six-pack plan. As a rule of thumb, the tastier the cocktail, the higher amounts of sugar it will contain. What we suggest is going for the stronger stuff that will not only get you feeling the nice feels upon entering the 'tipsy' stage of the night but it will also save you from ordering more than you should given its higher alcohol by volume.

For instance, going for something like a dry or dirty martini (or one of its many variations, the vesper) will ensure you get your booze on without derailing too much from your fitness goals. You see, a martini consists primarily of gin (or vodka) and a little bit of dry vermouth, which essentially means you are sipping on straight up booze that does not contain liquors or syrups that add on all the calories.

Ask for a custom drink

Another option to try out is to tell your bartender to omit certain ingredients from your favourite cocktail. If you love yourself a good mojito then just ask for it to be done without the component of a sweetener.

Finally, if by chance you find yourself in a more festive and celebratory social function, opt for a glass of Prosecco as 100ml of the stuff contains barely 70 calories. Best part of it all? It taste pretty much like the fancier french bubbly Champagne, but at a fraction of the price!

Does Alcohol Really Have Such A Negative Impact On Your Fitness? Does Alcohol Really Have Such A Negative Impact On Your Fitness?