Benjamin Mendy: Manchester City player has been removed from FIFA 22

Benjamin Mendy is awaiting trial in England, and the player has just received an early punishment. EA Sports has made a radical decision.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy incarcerated

Pending his trial for rape and sexual assault scheduled for January 2022, Benjamin Mendy is still behind bars. However, the Frenchman is reportedly entitled to special treatment in prison.

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Recently, his club Manchester City took a radical decision against the left-back while awaiting the court's decision, pulling all merch from their website.

The situation does not seem to alarm Benjamin Mendy, however. According to a prosecutor, the Frenchman had an arrogant attitude during his first trial.

Benjamin Mendy removed from FIFA 22

As is often the case, EA Sports is quick to react when there is controversy in their industry. It is therefore logical that they decided to remove Benjamin Mendy from FIFA 22 a few days before the release of the game on 1 October.

He is no longer part of the Manchester City squad in the game, but is still available on FUT. However, his card should logically be removed in the coming days.

Should he be cleared by the courts, EA Sports will no doubt reinstate the player but for now, you'll have to be patient if you want to play with him.

If he's a player you used to play with, you can always opt for one of the 9 fastest players in the game. There are plenty of full-backs in there who would be perfect replacements for Mendy in your teams.

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