Jake Paul admits having suicidal thoughts after Logan's controversial video

Jake Paul went through an immensely difficult period after his brother, Logan, published a shocking video on YouTube.

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul

Boxer and YouTuber, Jake Paul, recently opened up about the difficulties he faced when his older brother was cancelled for putting up a controversial video in December 2017.

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Logan, who is also a boxer and a YouTuber, had put up a vlog of his time in Japan, but it shook the whole world. Why? In the video he was seen posing next to a corpse of a man who had apparently committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in Aokigahara, also known as the suicide forest of Japan.

Getting cancelled

After publishing the video he faced major backlash from netizens which forced him to apologise on video. But Logan wasn’t the only one getting hate from the public, his family took a beating as well and it especially affected the career of his younger brother Jake.

When in an interview, he was asked by journalist Graham Bensinger, ‘Have you ever thought about kill yourself?’ Surprisingly Jake replied:

Yes, 100 percent.

The fighter said that all hissponsors had dropped him when the controversy blew up, even though he had nothing to do with it. He added:

Every brand dropped me. I had a $10 million deal with Target that was going to go live, about seven days later—they dropped me. Everything went downhill.

At that time he thought his life ‘was ruined.’ He continued:

I'm sitting here at 21 years old, losing almost all my income because of what my brother did. I'm blacklisted, I'm not in the community anymore.

Downward spiral

Following these events, Jake went through a real downward spiral and said that he started feeling like he was useless. He began smoking, drinking, thinking the worst of his life, and developed a lot of dark thoughts. The only way he managed to bounce back was by digging deep within his feelings to heal himself from the trauma inflicted by his brother’s actions.

Luckily Jake Paul is now fully recovered and his career has been thriving. He is currently busy preparing for a fight against Tyron Woodley on 18 December. It was supposed to be Tommy Fury, Tyson’s little brother, but he had to withdraw due to an injury.

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