Benjamin Mendy: The Manchester City player's salary in prison

Benjamin Mendy has been jailed after accusations of rape and sexual assault, and is earning a salary in prison that is a far cry from what he earned at Manchester City.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Awaiting his trial scheduled for January 2022, Benjamin Mendy has been remanded in custody at HMP Altcourse prison in Liverpool. The 2018 World Champion with the French team is accused of rape and sexual assault on 3 women, including a minor.

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Behind bars, the left-back's day-to-day looks very different from how he spent his days in Manchester. In order to occupy his days at Altcourse, the former Monegasque works and carries out various missions within the institution. For this, he receives a salary, far from what he could earn at City.

A salary far from what he was earning at City

At HMP Altcourse, prisoners are forced to work 40 hours a week. They can do anything from assembling office furniture to laundry to recycling waste. And according to the testimony of a former inmate interviewed by the newspaper L'Équipe, the weekly wage for these activities is £7. By comparison, Mendy earned nearly €100,000 a week at the Sky Blues.

Football to pass the time

Placed in the VP (vulnerable persons) wing of the prison, where he is said to be living in hell according to revelations in The Sun, the Le Havre-trained defender is also offered a twelve-week football training session. This includes sessions with a coach, confrontations with other inmates, dietary monitoring, but also communication and arithmetic courses.

Benjamin Mendy: Is Manchester City still paying his salary? Benjamin Mendy: Is Manchester City still paying his salary?