Beijing Winter Olympics 2022: How the games are implementing a zero COVID policy

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 is observing a zero COVID policy this year, one of them being the 'closed loop' strategy.

Olympic Games Beijing: Zero COVID strategy and how
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Olympic Games Beijing: Zero COVID strategy and how

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has introduced stringent measures to combat the pandemic. China has formed a zero COVID bubble to protect the residents and visitors alike during the games.

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Zero COVID bubble

Athletes participating in the most prestigious Games in the world are already under a lot of pressure, and the excess COVID regulations are adding on to it. But, China continues to maintain its 'zero-COVID' approach, which has been in place since the outbreak in Wuhan began in 2019.

Jamie Anderson, the renowned American snowboarder, expresses:

This year, it’s been an absolute nightmare! It’s definitely a more complicated Olympics — and already going to the Olympics is very stressful and you have so much on your plate.

Strategies such as people being separated from the outer world by many levels of fencing and the family of athletes asked to stay home are the few protocols observed in the Winter Games.

Team USA luger Chris Mazdze adds:

Honestly, it feels so good getting here, because there were so many Covid tests along the way that it was really stressful.
You get off the plane and the people handling your luggage, full PPE. Goggles, mask, gloves, boots, the whole nine yards. Now, it’s totally normal. Like it’s absolutely normal that you would have hundreds of people in PPE all around you.

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5 closed loop regulations

  1. Those entering the 'closed loop' must be properly vaccinated at least 14 days before arriving, or they will be quarantined for 21 days after they reach
  2. Beijing Capital International Airport — is the only airport approved for arrivals
  3. Participants have to show proof of two negative COVID tests before taking another one
  4. Daily tests are required once they are inside the bubble, including support staff
  5. Visitors are transported from facility to facility using high-speed trains with separate cars and entrances

On the other side, the harsh measures have not prevented infections, but they have stayed low given the vast number of individuals who have arrived. Within that bubble, 45 Covid occurrences were documented on Friday.

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Beijing Winter Olympics: Is the zero-COVID bubble working? Beijing Winter Olympics: Is the zero-COVID bubble working?