Surefire ways to naturally boost testosterone

Have you been trying to gain muscle, or increase your sex drive? You can do all that and more by elevating your testosterone levels naturally!

Boost Testosterone
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Boost Testosterone

Maintaining healthy levels of testosterone is important for both males and females. This hormone plays a crucial role in improving general health, sexual functions, and it reduces our chances of catching diseases. Those who are looking to bulk up and gain musclemass, may also do so with the help of testosterone. But humans never have the same levels forever and a drop can result in hair loss, lowered sex drive, and increased body fat.

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Lucky for you, we’ve found a few proven ways for you to stay young and healthy by boosting testosterone!


To live a healthy lifestyle in general, we've all got to get our daily dose of exercise. Furthermore, studies have shown that working out will also amp up the production of testosterone in our bodies. And while every form of exercise will help, weightlifting in particular has found to be an incredibly effective way of building up testosterone.

Getting a good night’s sleep

Do you get between seven to nine hours of sleep per night? If you don’t, you need to improve your sleep cycle. Lack of sleep can really elevate your cortisol levels, aka the stress hormone, which in turn decreases the amount of testosterone in your body. One study found that a person who sleeps for only five hours experiences a 15% reduction in testosterone.

Your diet

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is key when you’re trying to produce testosterone at a steady pace, and here are a few important nutrients that you should always try to include in your everyday meals.

Vitamin D

A study from the Graz Medical University in Austria has found that vitamin D can boost testosterone by up to 90%! It also kills a chemical called sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) which is known for decreasing libido. Now that’s what you call killing two birds with one stone. Foods that contain this nutrient are tuna, eggs, and fortified cereals. You can even take vitamin D supplements to maintain good levels of testosterone.


Zinc is a nutrient that regulates male hormones during puberty, so increasing your zinc intake will also substantially level up your testosterone as well. Foods enriched with this essential nutrient include oysters, shellfish, beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males Balanitis: Poor hygiene can cause this skin condition in uncircumcised males