Benjamin Mendy faces a difficult choice for his future in prison

Benjamin Mendy will be heard this Monday, 15 November, in a preliminary hearing of his trial. The Manchester City defender will have to decide whether to plead guilty or not.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Something new is expected this Monday, 15 November in the Benjamin Mendy case. Accused of several rapes and sexual assault on 3 women, including a minor, the 2018 World Champion will be heard today in a preliminary hearing.

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Incarcerated since the end of August in Liverpool's HMP Altcourse prison, where he is said to be living a hellish life, the former AS Monaco man will have to choose whether to plead guilty or not during his trial. A decision that will have consequences on his judgment.

Mendy's dilemma: to plead guilty or not

If he chooses to plead guilty, he is certain to receive an automatic reprieve. But such a choice would also ensure him to be sentenced to prison.

On the other hand, if he chooses to plead not guilty, the French international could be acquitted if he provides tangible evidence of his innocence. However, he would also miss out on a remission of sentence and would be exposed to a heavier punishment.

Risk of life imprisonment

A decisive decision for Benjamin Mendy that he should not take lightly. Especially when you know what the former Olympique de Marseille player is facing. If the British justice system finds him guilty of the offences he is accused of, he could face life imprisonment.

However, this is a sentence that is rarely handed down in cases of rape and sexual assault in the UK. Penalties for this type of offence tend to be between 5 and 10 years in prison.

Benjamin Mendy: First images of the defender since his time in prison (VIDEO) Benjamin Mendy: First images of the defender since his time in prison (VIDEO)