Benjamin Mendy: Pep Guardiola remains silent on Mendy affair

Pep Guardiola was asked about the accusations of rape and sexual assault that Benjamin Mendy is currently facing before tonight's PSG-Manchester City clash.

Benjamin Mendy and Pep Guardiola
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Benjamin Mendy and Pep Guardiola

Benjamin Mendy, who is currently in custody following accusations of rape and sexual assault on three women over the age of 16, will not be taking part in Manchester City's game against PSG, but the full-back is still very much on everyone's mind. In a press conference before the Champions League clash, his coach Pep Guardiolawas asked about the Frenchman's situation.

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Guardiola shrugs off Benjamin Mendy's case

A RMC Sport journalist asked the Man City manager:

A question about Benjamin Mendy. We haven't really hear much about what's going on here in France. Have you heard much about it? What do you think about the situation you find yourself in regarding Benjamin Mendy?

The former Barcelona coach, unmoved by the question, stayed silent and turned to his press officer. The Citizens' press officer immediately came to his rescue, quickly dismissing the question and asking the journalist if he had another question about the game, specifically. Meanwhile, Guardiola stayed sat, avoiding eye contact with the journalist. He then got up and walked away.

A darker future for the World Champion

A reaction that goes in the direction of his club. The Citizens made a radical decision regarding Mendy a few weeks ago, pulling all merch from their shop. Mendy is currently being held in Liverpool's HMP Altcourse prison, awaiting trial.

From his cell, the World Champion is gradually seeing the world fall apart around him. EA Sports decided on Monday to remove the former Monegasque from its football simulation game FIFA 22. This is another setback for the man, who faces a very heavy sentence if he is found guilty of his alleged actions. His trial is scheduled to take place on 24 January 2022.

Benjamin Mendy: Why was he transferred to one of England's toughest prisons? Benjamin Mendy: Why was he transferred to one of England's toughest prisons?