'Rude awakening' for Benjamin Mendy as details of his time in prison revealed

Benjamin Mendy is currently in prison after being accused of rape and sexual assault. Details of his prison conditions were leaked to The Sun.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Since last week, Benjamin Mendy has been incarcerated in Liverpool's Category B prison. The left-back is suspected of committing several rapes and sexual assaults on three people over the age of 16.

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Suspended by his club Manchester City, the former AS Monaco player faces a heavy sentence of up to life imprisonment if found guilty of the acts he is accused of. The 27-year-old footballer was placed in custody and went to court on 27 August. The judges decided to keep him in custody and to reject his application for bail.

Details of his imprisonment revealed

According to the revelations of the daily The Sun, Mendy is having a very difficult time in prison. The Frenchman has been placed in the VP (vulnerable persons) wing of the Liverpool prison, where sex offence suspects are held. However, the Le Havre-born player misunderstood and thought he was being taken to the VIP wing.

A source close to the case told The Sun:

When Mendy arrived, the staff explained that he was going to stay in the VP wing for his own safety. But perhaps because he is French and his English is not great, he misunderstood what they had said and thought he was being taken to a celebrity VIP wing.
He had a rude awakening when he saw the cell and realised who he was going to be mixed with. He was not happy and it was a very difficult experience for him.
Benjamin Mendy: First images of the defender since his time in prison (VIDEO) Benjamin Mendy: First images of the defender since his time in prison (VIDEO)