Benjamin Mendy: Manchester United pulls all merch from website following rape charges

With Benjamin Mendy accused of committing several rapes and a sexual assault, Manchester City have made a radical decision about their fullback.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

The hell continues for Benjamin Mendy. Placed in pre-trial detention on 26 August for accusations of rape and sexual assault on three women, the left-back will remain in prison until at least 15 November. On that date, a new hearing will take place where the 2018 World Champion will have to decide whether to plead guilty or not at the trial. The trail date is set for 24 January.

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Awaiting trial, the former AS Monaco player is currently incarcerated in Liverpool. According to the British daily The Sun, he is living a real hell there, not expecting such conditions of detention.

Manchester City remove all products bearing the defender's name from their shop

The Le Havre-trained defender has just seen his club, Manchester City, which suspended him when the affair came to light, take an important decision. The Sky Blues have withdrawn any mention of Benjamin Mendy from their online shop. Today, it is no longer possible to buy a shirt or equipment in the name of the man who, according to the prosecutor, had an arrogant attitude in court. This is a new blow for the French international.

Benjamin Mendy charged with two more counts of rapes in view of his trial Benjamin Mendy charged with two more counts of rapes in view of his trial