The Definitive List Of The Most Hated Football Clubs, Ranked

• Will Armstrong
PSG (France): in 2017, 69% of French people surveyed said they had a negative opinion of the team.
RSC Anderlecht (Belgium): 31.2% of people surveyed in Belgium stated that they hate the team.
AFC Ajax (Netherlands): the team is disliked by its own country, but bizarrely is the preferred Dutch team of foreigners.
RB Leipzig (Germany): the German equivalent of Man U, many Germans dislike the team due to its lack of heritage and its backing from Red Bull.
Benefica (Portugal): 43% of Portuguese despise Benefica. Those who hate the team are surely supporters of Porto or Sporting Lisbon.

In every country, there's always one (or two in some instances) club that the majority of football fans absolutely despise. We've gone ahead and put the top 10 into a list, check it out!