What causes penile burning after sex?

Everything you've ever needed to know about penile burning; what causes it and what to do if it happens to you!

What causes penile burning after sex?
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What causes penile burning after sex?

So you're getting it on and everything is going just as planned until you finish and become consumed by sharp throbbing needle-jabbing-like pinching in your member. Is it a urinary tract infection? Or perhaps you went at it a little too vigorously? Whatever the reason may be: it categorically sucks. But thankfully, there are ways around it.

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How common is penile burning?

Scientifically known as dyspareunia—pain associated with penetrative sex—the causes are plentiful and it can manifest itself randomly with or without the presence of a sexually transmitted infection. Something you should also know is that it is unlikely to be a cause for concern of a major underlying issue with your sexual organ.

Studies show that in the US alone, post-coital pain can affect up to 20% of cisgender women while another study conducted in Australia found that five percent of its cisgender male population suffer from this very problem. It's safe to say it is fairly common, but that is not to say that it should be overlooked, especially considering very simple and effective solutions exist.

More often than not, penile burning is caused by a lack of lubrication that results in too much friction leading to that very uncomfortable pinching sensation. One sure way of preventing this from happening in the future is to make sure you and your partner are sufficiently lubricating the pleasure areas so as to not overly (and painfully!) stimulate them.

How to treat it

But although the leading cause is attributed to insufficient lubrication, STIs and UTIs can also be at the root of the problem. Symptoms associated with some of the most common forms of sexually transmitted infections can mimic similar pain experienced by dyspareunia.

But the most important thing to know is that both these causes are highly treatable; consulting your GP and getting the right medication can fix the problem in a jiffy.

So, the take away when it comes to decreasing your chances of experiencing penile burning is to use protection and lots of lubrication.

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