Best sex positions for guys with curved penises

These are the best sex positions to practice for those of you with a curve in your member.

Best sex positions for guys with curved penises
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Best sex positions for guys with curved penises

Some penises are long, others short and while some are on the thicker end you have others that are pencil-thin! But what about the curved penises of the world? What's the deal with those?

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Well, just like any other penis shape out there, the curved penis is perfectly normal and very much functional. So much so that there are certain positions that can amplify the pleasure experienced by the recipient partner thanks to its curvature. Here are the top positions for men with curved members that will take your thrust game to the next level.

Why do some men have curved penises?

First thing's first, a penis can curve to the left, right, upwards or downwards when erect depending on the person. The only instances in which you should be alarmed by the curvature of your penis is if the following occurs:

  • Your erect penis suddenly develops a curvature
  • The pre-existing curve of your penis becomes more pronounced over time
  • It hurts when you engage in sexual intercourse
  • You can feel nodules in the tissue of your penis

Though there has never been a clear consensus as to why some men have a curved penis while others don't, the most agreed upon theory is that curved penises are caused by uneven penile tissue.

With all that said, a curved penis is perfectly normal and should not have a negative impact on your sex life. On the contrary, it can be used to your advantage to give your partner one hell of an orgasm when used correctly.

The three positions to try with a curved penis

Upward curved penis:

This type of curvature can be optimally used when practicing the missionary position as it is perfect for G-spot stimulation and pressure on the anterior vaginal wall.

Downward curved penis:

It's all about gravity with this one. Any back-facing position will be key for intensely pleasurable sex. Particularly, doggy style will work perfectly for penises that curve south.

Side curved penis:

If your penis curves to either your left or right side, give the 'T position' a go. Basically, your partner lies flat on their back with their legs spread while you enter them from a perpendicular angle so as to maximise penetration. Best part of this position is that it requires very little energy as no one has to prop themselves up to perform it. This means that you can go at it for as long as you please.

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