8 Common condom mistakes that increase pregnancy chances

The majority of individuals believe they know how to use condoms, yet it's all too easy to make simple errors. You might be making some of these mistakes.

8 Common condom mistakes that increase pregnancy chances
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8 Common condom mistakes that increase pregnancy chances

Condoms are an excellent approach to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses. However, they aren't always reliable; they might break or slip off during sex, putting you at risk of becoming pregnant. We frequently undervalue how tricky condom use may be. It requires the use of a condom while simultaneously negotiating condom use and sex with a partner.

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While proper condom use prevents pregnancy with a 98 per cent success rate, mistakes can raise the likelihood of breaking, slippage, or other condom failures. Here are a few of them!

Using a condom late

One of the most common condom mistakes is putting one after the intercourse has begun already. It might seem like not that big of a deal but, it can backfire. Contact with pre-ejaculatory fluid can occur if condoms are applied late, as such, they increase the risks of infections and pregnancy.

Storing condoms in a hot environment

Ensure that external condoms are stored in a cool, dry location. Never use a condom that has been exposed to temperatures higher than 104°F. However, female condoms are usually made of polyurethane or synthetic latex, which are heat resistant.

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Removing the condom early

To avoid the risk of STIs or unwanted pregnancy, use a condom whenever your genital or anal areas come into touch. This includes the time after you've ejaculated. It is not appropriate to remove a condom during intercourse in the heat of the moment.

Using multiple condoms

Using many condoms at the same time might produce friction and lead to a break. It's never a good idea to use more than one condom at a time. When compared to using just one condom, wearing two condoms really provides less protection.

Using wrong lube

Lubrication is essential but, so is its type. Condoms should only be used with water or silicone-based lubricants. Latex can be broken down by oil-based lubricants.

Ripping the condom

When opening a condom wrapper, tear along the appropriate area and avoid tearing it with your teeth or fingernails. Often the condoms get tears because of nails or harsh use. These are minute cuts that can cause bigger problems.

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Reusing condom

If you wish to go for a second round, don't reuse an external or internal condom, and if you have sexfor more than 30 minutes, change condoms. The material can be weakened by too much heat and friction.

Using unverified condom

Quality checks are necessary! Before using condoms, inspect them for damage and check their expiry datq. It is not recommended to use a condom that is sticky, brittle, discoloured, or damaged.

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