Spork sex position: The best position to get busy when you're feeling lazy

Ever heard of the spork sex position? Take notes because it may just be the most enjoyable position for when you're feeling frisky but lazy.

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Feeling frisky but lazy to perform any physical feats? You probably already know the spoon position, also known as the '99' position—it is undoubtedly one of the best positions for lazy lovemaking. But it's one of its variants that we'll be talking about here, the spork sex position, which promises maximum pleasure with minimum effort.

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How do you spork?

The spork position is far from the acrobatics often presented in pornographic content, but it has many advantages.

To get into this position, the penetrated partner must lie on his or her back and make himself or herself comfortable. A cushion can be used to raise the hips, and create a better alignment.

The partner receiving penetration should then place one leg on the other's shoulder so that the other can position himself between her legs, at a 90° angle. And since a picture is often worth a thousand words, here is a diagram that should help you understand better:


Many advantages and few disadvantages

Dr Kate Balestrieri, a sex therapist quoted by Newsweek says:

By holding one of your partner's legs over one shoulder with the opposite hand, the penetrating partner can hold on with the other arm and lean slightly to that side.

'This position is easier to maintain than traditional positions,' agrees Daniel Saynt, founder of the New Society for Wellness (NSFW), a New York-based sex club.

You'll also enter your partner from a sideways angle that can provide new stimulation and help increase the sensation of penile girth.

In addition, the position allows for continuous eye contact that the spooning position, for example, does not, to increase the intensity of the act and the connection between the two partners. However, it can be a bit tiring in the long run. Balestrieri adds:

It can become a bit tedious for the penetrating partner to rest on one arm, but switching sides or leaning towards the receiving partner can take some of the pressure off.
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