For intense sex, use these practical tantric techniques

While Kama Sutra is all which sex positions, tantric sex is about creating an almost sinful experience using your body, mind, and energy.

Sinful sex
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Sinful sex

You can use tantric techniques in any sex position to elevate your connection with your partner and simultaneously heighten pleasure. You don’t need to be in love to have awesome tantric sex, but you do need to align your energies.

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Set the mood

You can have hot and heavy sex in the middle of a cluttered bedroom, or even inside the bathroom of a local bar, but that session will be unsatisfying short. Tantric sex is an activity that you need to sink into and enjoy for long periods of time. That’s right, you’ll be having sex for hours—if that’s what you truly want. But first, you need to set the mood.

Create a safe and happy space where your energies will freely intertwine. Clear the bedroom, light a few candles (the scented ones, preferably), and maybe invest in a few sensual and soft bedspreads. When your body is comfortable and relaxed, sexual intercourse will be that much better.

Make eye contact and breathe together

This might make a lot of people feel uncomfortable, but maintaining eye contact during sex or foreplay will only synchronise your energies further. Don’t shy away from your partner’s gaze. Rather, take control and own the experience. While you’re at it, match your breathing pattern to your partner’s as well. When they exhale, breathe their air in and vice versa.

Forget about the orgasm

Tantric sex teaches us that it’s not just about the climax, it’s about the journey. You can feel sinful amounts of pleasure without crossing the finish line so try and control your ejaculation for as long as you can. When you feel like you’re about to explode then take a step back and do some light foreplay instead. You can also just lie down with your partner and mindfully touch one another to feel those subtle sensations.

If you’re new to tantric sex, try this out for starters:

Get into a face-to-face sexposition, like the missionary or lotus position. Instead of heading straight to the dance, try staying completely still. Then look into each other’s eyes, and breathe the air in between. Place your hands on your partner’s heart, and have them do the same. Stay like this for a moment, then slowly begin to move your bodies. Be conscious of every little movement and resist the urge to speed up. Instead of thinking about the end, be fully present in the now.

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