6 tips to help you beat snoring for good

One study shows that 40% of UK adults snore. So, here are 6 things that could make your nights more peaceful… And they’re scientifically proven!

These Tips Will Help You Beat Snoring For Good!
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These Tips Will Help You Beat Snoring For Good!

Recurring snoring can be linked to deformation of your soft tissues that relax when you’re asleep and obstruct the back of your throat, which prevents air from flowing properly and causes a vibration, snoring. A cold, an irritation, can also be the cause. There is an operation that can stop you from snoring, but before you jump on the operating table, try these 6 tricks:

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Six tricks to reduce snoring

1. Don’t sleep on your back

When you sleep on your back, ‘gravity is kind of forcing those soft tissues toward the back of the throat’ explains Daniel Barone, sleep expert to the Washington Post. Therefore, we recommend that you sleep in the foetal position, with your legs curled up to your stomach. To avoid rolling onto your back, place a tennis ball or another similar object behind you in or attached to your pyjamas, this will stop you moving during the night.

2. Use nose strips

Nose strips force your nose to open more than normal. Therefore, you will breathe easier through your nose and the vibrations will be reduced.

3. Avoid alcohol

When you drink, your muscles relax more, and this encourages the vibrations (and therefore the snoring). So, avoid drinking during the 2 hours before you go to bed.

4. Stop smoking!

Cigarettes irritate your throat which encourages vibrations because your trachea is puffier and more swollen than usual which increases your chances of snoring.

5. Sing!

If you sing regularly, you will work your throat muscles and they will be less likely to relax when you sleep, which will reduce these vibrations as a result.

6. Peppermint is your friend

Peppermint can act like an anti-inflammatory, which will reduce the swelling of your throat and make air circulation easier. You can put a few drops in an air humidifier when you sleep but watch out. Essential oils are very powerful, and you have to be careful.

With all these tips, you could considerably reduce your snoring… Or the snoring of whoever you share your bed with!

Check out the video for other snoring tips as well as a demo to see how you can beat it!

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