What causes bad breath in the morning?

Have you ever noticed how bad your breath can be in the morning? Ever wonder why that is? And more importantly, how do you prevent it from happening?

What causes bad breath in the morning?
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What causes bad breath in the morning?

We can't deny getting a smooch from our significant other first thing in the morning is a very nice way to wake up...but what happens when your partner has some questionable odours coming from their mouth. But more importantly, why does it happen? Because let's face it, maybe the stinky culprit could be you!

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How does bad breath come to be?

Bad breath in the morning is almost universal so don't worry too much about it if you think you might suffer from it. What causes bad breath—scientifically known as halitosis— is trapped bacteria living in your mouth. After many hours of being stuck in a closed moist environment, the bacteria starts emitting smelly gases making it much more noticeable when you first wake up.

This bacteria lives and reproduces in your mouth thanks to the leftover food that gets stuck in your teeth (especially if you practice poor dental hygiene) as well dead cells found in the mucous membrane lining in your mouth.

During the day however, the enzymes in your saliva are strong enough to break down some of this bacteria which makes it harder for it to proliferate and cause bad breath. At night, production of saliva is less active which means bacteria is able to reproduce at greater velocity. Naturally, the more bacteria present in your mouth, the more pungent the smell will be.

What can be done to prevent morning breath?

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Ideally, you would brush after every meal but not everyone has time for that. In conjunction with brushing your teeth, flossing has been recommended by dentists if you want to get rid of bad breath. By going through all the crevices in your gums, you'll be cleaning out tiny particles of food that linger in your mouth.

Finally, avoiding things such as alcohol and tobacco can also greatly reduce your chances of asphyxiating your partner in the morning with your bad breath.

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