The 6 Steamiest sex position for queer couples

Experimenting with various sex positions in the bedroom is a simple way to spice things up. Let’s look at some of these steamy sex positions.

6 Steamiest sex position for gay men
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6 Steamiest sex position for gay men

There are numerous marvellous sex positions for gay men to attempt, including oral, anal, and foreplay positions. You should always maintain an open line of communication when trying out new things to ensure that both you and your partner are comfortable.

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Clarifying limits and boundaries ahead of time is essential for any pleasant sex. It's also a good idea to have open lines of communication with your spouse so you can figure out what works best for them. Here are a few ideas!


When two guys are performing the anal variant of the missionary sex position, nothing could be further from reality. This position can be enjoyed by both tops and bottoms, and it allows for more face-to-face contact and connection when having anal sex.

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Doggie Style

The doggy position is ideal for a nice, hard, fast thrusting. By gripping onto his waist, the top can pull the bottom into him. The bottom can also self-masturbate or be masturbated by the top in this posture. Try flat doggie if you're searching for something different.

Side Missionary

Because this posture allows both partners to lie down, it requires less effort and is especially beneficial for people who lack core strength. This position also facilitates deeper penetration. However, it can be unpleasant for the receiving partner at first, thus inhaling deeply to relax the anus muscles is really beneficial.

Back it in

The bottom gets to work in this position. The top should sit in a chair with his knees brought up to his chest, allowing his penis to be outward and forward. The bottom falls back into place, allowing the penis to enter him. After that, the bottom must make it work by producing all of the thrust and velocity.

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Rusty Tombstone

This is a victory for both the top and bottom, and it's a straightforward extension of a popular sex position – 69! There are no winners or losers in this one; it's all about equal roles and equal chances. On bed partner number two straddles his partner's chest and places his butt near to his face. Your guy then goes right in to conduct analingus.

Kneeling oral sex

The kneeling position is an excellent alternative if you want to avoid penetration and stick to oral sex. This position is ideal because it frees both of the bottom partner's hands, allowing them to stimulate their own penis while performing oral sex. The top partner can also grab a headboard, which gives them greater leverage when thrusting as the bottom partner licks and sucks, potentially increasing their pleasure.

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