This is how you should be cleaning your penis after intercourse

Do you clean your penis after sex? If not, you should definitely start.

Clean up after sex
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Clean up after sex

There are two things you should be doing after you finish ejecting your juices. The first, check that your partner has been fully satisfied too, and second, make sure you clean up after a hot and steamy session. There’s nothing worse than getting an infection on your bits, and the best way to avoid that is by giving it a scrub down—not literally, because that will definitely hurt.

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Why should you clean your member?

We’ve got an irrational idea of after-sex scenes from the movies. In reality, it’s actually not the best idea to go straight to bed after coitus. Everyone, regardless of gender, should take two minutes to wash their genitals. Men, in particular, need to be cautious because the mucosal skin on your penis can be really sensitive and hence, can get highly irritated by fluids that are secreted by the vagina. Dr. John Zampella tells Men’s Health that spit also has enzymes that can irritate the skin that is around the pee hole—so you should be washing up even after you have oral sex.

Give your penis some TLC

If you want to take care of your prized possession and keep it infection-free, here’s what you need to do.

First, make sure you take a leak right after you finish having sex. Then proceed to wash your penis gently with warm water. You can use a cleanser or soap if you wish, but stick to something unscented.

For those of you who’ve still got your foreskin intact, you need to be a little more precise during your post-sex self-care ritual. Pull back the skin on your member so that you can get wash off the bacteria that it is trapped inside.

While some of you might be content just doing a quick cleanse, you can take the TLC one step further by moisturising. Sex and cleansing can dry out your penis, so bring it back to life with a gentle lotion et voilà! Your after-sex routine is that simple and your penis will thank you for it.

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