Three homemade sex toys that will blow you away

Creative ways of stimulating your manhood should be explored should you wish to break free from the mundane routine that your hand might subject you to.

Three homemade sex toys that will blow you away
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Three homemade sex toys that will blow you away

Maybe it was the peach Elio used to pleasure himself with in Call Me By Your Name or Jim's bizarre fascination with inserting his junk into baked dishes in American Pie... Whatever the inspiration, perhaps it has gotten you wondering what else in your flat can double as a sex toy.

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Well guys, apparently all it takes is some creativity (and a lot of lube!). DIY sex toys might make you feel like you're regressing back to your formative years where sex seemed elusive and dry-humping the stuffed animal your aunt gave you on your birthday was the most action you were getting. But let's be frank here, not all of us need the Flesh Light Turbo Max 3000 to get a little freaky every now and then.

So, in case you were looking to dabble into new kinks and fetishes, or simply curious as to how to stretch your limitations of your concept of masturbation, we've decided to share with you three easy at-home DIYs to amp up your self-pleasuring game.

Fruits are not just good for eating!

That's right, next time you go to the shop to get yourself a hand of bananas, save one for this surprisingly satisfying experiment. First, you're going to want to either microwave your banana or find another way to get the inside of it nice and mushy (and warm too!).

Once you've done that, cut off the tip of the stem and squeeze some of the flesh out. Make sure to keep some of it inside as this will make for some interesting texture to be felt. And that's it; you're now ready to make love to a banana!

Sponges are not just good for scrubbing!

First thing's first, please do yourself a favour and grab the softer variety of sponges (not the rough scratchy kind). Now that you've avoided tearing your manhood to shreds, you're ready for the next DIY.

Find a tube shaped receptacle and wedge two soft sponges inside leaving a whole in the middle to make room for your willy. Lastly, insert a latex glove or condom, apply abundant amounts of lubrication and thrust away!

Toothbrushes are—you guessed it—not just good for cleaning!

Now that you're equipped with tools to heighten the sensory experience of rubbing your penis, we thought stimulating your prostate with an unlikely household object was the next natural progression.

So for this one, all you need is the non-bristly end of your toothbrush (make sure it's fully charged) and—yes, you guessed it again—lots of lube.

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