The best sex positions for small penises

What are the best sex positions for men who have smaller penises? The last one might surprise you!

The best sex positions for small penises
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The best sex positions for small penises

Gentlemen, we've all heard it before, 'it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean' or in other words: size doesn't matter.

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But although we know we mustn't necessarily rely on the size of our manhood it's still a factor to consider when looking to please our partners. After all, everyone has their preferences. So what happens when your special someone is more into the heavier-duty tools that you just don't possess?

Well, worry not because as was established earlier, the motion of the ocean is all that really matters! This translates to finding ways and positions that highlight your skills as a lover rather than what you are lacking in centimetres.

With that said, what are the best positions for those of us out there not as well-endowed?

Girl on top

When they are in control, your partner will tend to feel every inch of you in a more explosive manner (this will also amazing for you as you can probably imagine!). Any variation of the cowgirl position will most likely induce orgasm as they will be able to take charge of the intensity, the speed and the rhythm.

Doggy style

Perhaps one of the most infallible sex positions out there, this one's a crowd pleaser and for very good reason. From this angle and in all its variations, the penis, even if on the smaller end, can easily reach the G-Spot without necessarily having to be horse-hung. As a bonus, in this position, you have easy access to the nipples and clitoris to give your partner the ultimate orgasm.

Try anal!

Now here's where things get interesting. Vaginal and oral sex are awesome—don't get us wrong—but if you really want to optimize the use of every centimetre you have you will definitely want to try having sex from the rear end. Generally speaking, the anus is much tighter than a vagina and so even the smaller of phallic objects will induce some pretty intense sensations. Just remember guys, use lube and lots of it!

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