These sex toys will give your hand a much-needed break

Ready to dive into the world of sex toys for men? Once you’ve experienced what machines can do for your sex life, there’s no going back.

Sex Toys for Men
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Sex Toys for Men

Technology is neat, isn’t it? There’s so much you can have with just a click of a button—including the best orgasms ever. Who would’ve thought that masturbation could be so satisfying, yet so effortless. We’re surprised that penis-owners aren’t taking more advantage of the mechanical options out there. Or perhaps you don’t know where to begin.

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Here’s a little starter guide that will leave you wanting much more.

Cock rings

Hands-free masturbation? Now that’s the future. This ring is normally worn at the base of your member and you can include your testes in for the fun too. Depending on which machine you invest in, you will have different levels of vibrations which will give you the ultimate satisfaction. GQ has listed the Lelo Tor 2 as the best machine in the market. The great thing about a cock ring is that it’s super versatile because you can use it to stimulate your partner at the same time as well.

Prostate massagers

This one’s for all the adventurous men out there. Just like women have a knee-weakening G-spot, men have a P-spot that essentially does the same thing. Hear us out, don’t blow it off before giving it a shot. Massaging your prostate does not only feel good, it’s actually a healthy practice if you want to avoid prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. But, that’s not what you’re here for, is it? Healthline reports that prostate orgasms are way more intense and it will send an overpowering sensation throughout your body.

There are quite a few prostate massagers out there, but the Lelo Billy 2 is great for anyone who is starting out. A user commented on the product saying:

I’ve never tried any p spot massaged until now. Boy am I glad I did. The experience has been fantastic. This is a wonderful product for those looking to explore the p spot for the first time! Highly recommended!

Just remember, if you’ve decided to give your butt some well-deserved love, lube up first!

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