How to give someone pleasure with a small membrane?

Does size matter? Not necessarily. A guide on how to make the most of a small love gun.

How to give someone pleasure with a small membrane?
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How to give someone pleasure with a small membrane?

In London, King's College conducted a study on the size of the erect penis and the results are clear: 90% of men have an erect penis of 10 to 16 centimetres. If you're one of those men with a penis smaller than 10 centimetres, there are certain positions you should be in to get and give pleasure.

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To help you, we give you the best advice to reach the seventh heaven so desired.

Use accessories

We don't think about it enough, but accessories, AKA sex toys, are often a good alternative to satisfy your couple's desires, as Dr Megan Flemming, clinical psychologist and sexologist, explains in the study:

Use your surroundings, furniture and other props to find the best angles and have deep penetration for both you and your partner.

Example of what you can achieve: when your lover is on her stomach, feel free to put a pillow under her hips. This will provide a deeper angle of penetration. Remember that a woman does not necessarily come by simple penetration. So focus on foreplay! If you don't feel 'skilled' with your fingers or tongue, use a vibrator or other sex toy to stimulate her clitoris and increase her pleasure.

Do it doggy style

Once you've titillated her clitoris and got the ball rolling, it may be time to try something new to get your rocks off. One position that provides maximum depth is doggy style. For the best feeling, ask your partner to squeeze their thighs together during the act. Dr. Megan Flemming also adds that doggy style makes it easier to reach their partner's G-spot, since it's about 7cm inside the anterior vaginal wall.

Get her to lift her legs

As mentioned above, the deeper the penetration, the more your partner will reach the seventh heaven. In order to accomplish this in the missionary position, you can ask your partner to put her legs on your shoulders. Amy Levine, certified sex educator, said:

When she is in this position, what nature has given you is maximised. You gain access to the vagina without being hindered by other body parts.

Now you have all the tools you need to give your partner a lot of pleasure. And remember: it's not the size that counts, but what you do with it!

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