The health benefits of therapeutic prostate massages

Most men probably associate a prostate massage with a visit to the urologist. But the massage can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

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Prostate cancer is still one of the most common cancers in men. That is why it is important to have the prostate examined regularly—even at a young age. Only last autumn, the Curie Institute was granted funding for an early prostate detection urine test. However, prostate massages are still frequently performed for examination purposes.

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Prostate massages are also used for stimulation

If chronic prostatitis is suspected, doctors often use a massage to detect bacteria in the prostate secretion. At the same time, the examination can provide information about abnormalities, such as changes in the size and shape of the organ. Prostate massages can also be used for therapeutic purposes, as an article on the health portal Healthline shows.

In the past, when there were no medical aids, men knew how to help themselves with erectile dysfunction by means of a prostate massage. In fact, manual stimulation through the rectum can lead to a pleasure response and thus to arousal in men. But it can also provide relief from pain during ejaculation or difficult urination. So it's a real all-rounder?

Doctors are rather critical of prostate massages

Medical experts are rather critical of this and refer to a study by the renowned Cochrane organisation. In this study, researchers examined the effectiveness of prostate massages for chronic prostatitis and other conditions, but did not come to a clear conclusion. They could not determine whether massage reduced or even increased the symptoms of prostatitis!

Urologists therefore avoid prostate massages as a treatment method in some cases, for example, when acute prostatitis is suspected. On Fitbook, urologist Christoph Pies therefore says:

On this basis, we urologists cannot recommend prostate massages as a standard for therapy.

But for those who want to do prostate massages for purposes unrelated to pleasure, experts recommend a perineal massage. This has a similar effect on men, but involves less risk of injury.

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