Testicle stimulation: These ball massaging techniques will blow you away

What is the best way of including your balls when pleasuring yourself?

This is the right way of pleasuring your crowned jewels
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This is the right way of pleasuring your crowned jewels

It's probably safe to say that testicles are one of the most sensitive part of a man's body—if not the most... All it takes is one wrong move in that area, and you could be finding yourself on the floor in excruciating pain, gasping for air.

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But as nerve endings are abundant in that area, this also means that a great amount of pleasure can be derived in the right context and with the right fondling techniques.

So, how should you go about pleasuring your balls (or having your partner do so) to maximise the pleasure you get while getting down and dirty?

An added pleasure

Whether you like to have your balls pleasured by having them massaged, tickled, squeezed, licked and so on (and trust us, there are many other ways to get the job done!) testicle stimulation is more often than not used in conjunction with other sexual acts. When you are providing pleasure to several erogenous zones at the same time, you can be sure your eventual orgasm will be much more intense than if you were to solely focus on one area.

Stroking your junk while also massaging your own balls can make for one hell of a climax. This can also be applied to moments in which you are on the receiving end of oral sex.

Try adding sex toys into the mix

But if you want to get even more adventurous with the way you go about pleasuring your crown jewels, try incorporating sex toys that are testicle-centred, such as c**k rings or their motorised varieties.

For the ultimate pleasure (and for those a little more open-minded) playing with a c**k ring that also comes attached with a butt plug can truly be a game-changer. As you insert the butt-plug into your anus, and tighten the ring around your balls and penis while masturbating, you will be stimulating three areas in onego. This could make for what could possibly very well be the best orgasm of your entire life!

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