Why should you be having morning sex?

Morning sex is one of the most effective ways to jumpstart your day. It is beneficial not only to the relationship but also to your day in general.

Why should you be having morning sex?
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Why should you be having morning sex?

Many of us undoubtedly begin our days in the same way with a shower and a cup of coffee. Coffee is a popular way to wake up, but there may be another way to increase your energy levels: morning sex. Testosterone and oestrogen are at their highest levels when your body wakes up. Because your hormone levels affect your libido, you're more likely to feel frisky when you first get up.

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Even if you usually have sex at night, there are some actual advantages to having sex in the morning that goes beyond it feeling amazing.

Boosts your mood

Morning sex is good for you, not just physically but also emotionally. Your body releases dopamine and oxytocin - two feel-good hormones, that give you a sensation of pleasure and make you feel happy and relaxed, while you're having sex. Starting your day with a boost of these two hormones can help your brain focus, find things intriguing, and generally get off to a good start.

Makes you productive

Morning sex can help you be more productive at work. According to newer studies, employees who had sex lately were more engaged at work and had a productivity improvement. By adding an extra step to your morning routine, you can cross more items off your to-do list.

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Makes your bond stronger

Sex can bring you and your lover closer together and increase your commitment to one another. If you feel like you are emotionally distant with your partner, having sex in the morning will have you both release oxytocin which would make you feel more connected and affectionate toward each other.

Acts as workout

Early morning sex is almost as good as a workout. It may not be the same as working out at a gym, but it does provide some physical activity that is beneficial to the body. Sex burns five calories every minute, so going for a full-fledged session in the morning can burn a lot of calories. Steamy activity with a good workout sounds like a winning combo.

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Makes you look younger

Who wouldn't want to cheat their way out of wrinkles and age lines? Because it releases oxytocin, beta-endorphins, and other hormones, morning sex is the key to appearing younger. According to a study, couples who have sex three times a week appear to be much younger than couples who have sex less frequently. Orgasm is also beneficial to the skin in a variety of ways.

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