Tips for creating the perfect Tinder profile

Summer is here, and lockdown is over, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to start dating again. Here are our best Tinder tips to set you on your way!

Tips For Creating the Perfect Tinder Profile
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Tips For Creating the Perfect Tinder Profile

After a whole year of social distancing and ‘bubbles’, it’s safe to say many of us now have a less than thriving dating life (albeit in the name of our health). But now that summer is finally here, and lockdown is long behind us, we can finally whip out our Tinder profiles and endeavour to get closer than 1 metre away from a hot match.

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Let’s face it; you’re excited to get grafting. After all, it was starting to look like we’d never feel the soft touch of another person again. But, before you start swiping left, right, and God forbid upwards. You may want to re-edit your Tinder profile to ensure you have the best chances of getting a match.

Here are our top tips for curating the perfect Tinder profile.

Keep the group photos to a minimum

Group photos are great and show that you’re a social person with a solid foundation of friends. However, too many group photos can get confusing for prospective matches. Your Tinder profile should be about you - so show people who you are and keep group photos to a 1-2 maximum.

Nobody needs to see a gym selfie

If you enjoy looking after your body and going to the gym, that’s great, but what’s not so great is nine photos of you flexing your muscles in a gym mirror. We’re sure you look amazing, but gym selfies can come off as intimidating and narcissistic rather than confident.

The same goes for your biggest catch

Buy a fish, and you eat for a day but date a Tinder guy holding a fish, and you’ll never go hungry. We get it but please...stop.

Avoid photos with exes… or females in general

Avoid using photos with people that could be mistaken for exes. Nobody wants to look at a profile and have to question the relationship statuses of the people involved. Even a cropped arm around the waist can scream emotional baggage.

Smile and be genuine

Honestly, the trick to a good Tinder profile is just using photos that show you in your element. Upload some pictures of yourself travelling or participating in your hobbies. Not only do these types of images show that you’re an exciting person, but they could also give you and your match something to talk about. Also, it never hurts to smile!

Don’t leave your bio blank

Some people have a hard time talking about themselves, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your bio blank. Tinder CEO Sean Rad once revealed to GQ: ‘Never skip the bio section - girls are 99 per cent less likely to swipe right on you if you aren't willing to share some basic info about yourself.’

Instead, introduce yourself and give a little information about what you do and who you are; you could even include a witty line or pose a question to trigger a conversation.

Keep it short and sweet

On the flip side, nobody comes to Tinder for a novel so try not to drone on too much. There’s about a 500 character limit, but you shouldn’t need much more than 250; save some content for a conversation!

Make sure you communicate your intentions

People are on Tinder for a whole host of different reasons. Whether you’re looking for a one-nighter, a long term relationship or even if you’re just a traveller looking to make friends, make sure you communicate your intentions - it could save everyone a lot of confusion.

The opener

A great Tinder profile doesn’t end with a match; after you’ve successfully caught someone’s eye, it’s time to start the conversation. When messaging first, open with a line that shows you read the other person’s profile. Ask them about their hobbies, work or even better, ask them what one meal they could eat for the rest of their lives - if everything works out well, it could be an excellent option for your first date.

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