Poll reveals the steamiest sex scene in cinema

A special poll has just voted for the most exciting sex scene in cinema. And it's a very fruity moment that is number one.

Call Me by Your Name
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Call Me by Your Name

Who doesn't love a good sex scenes in movies and TV shows? Some are so iconic that they've become cult favourites. But while there's something for everyone, there's one that's considered more exciting than the rest.

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The pop culture website FandomSpot conducted a survey to find out which scene had most excited viewers. To do this, they launched a rather unusual survey. Indeed, users of the site, of different genders, sexual orientations and ages, received blood pressure monitors at home. They were then instructed to watch 50 predefined film clips. And the results are very interesting.

The most exciting sex scene is...

The most successful scene is from the series Normal People. That final love moment between Marianne and Connell at the end of the season turned 38% of respondents on. It was followed by the unforgettable scene from the cult film Ghost, where Sam and Molly share a romantic moment while making pottery... Finally, the slightly brutal love scenes in the superhero series Jessica Jones got 32% of respondents excited.

Queer sex scene on the podium

While heterosexual sex is still the most popular, a little surprise made its way onto the podium. It's from the film Call Me By Your Name, where Timothée Chalamet plays Elio, a young teenager who falls for Oliver, a student of his father's who has come to help him with his research at their family home in Italy.

As the romance begins to take shape, Elio—who is discovering his first sexual feelings—finds himself in his attic, lying on his old mattress, enjoying a juicy peach... He then removes the stone and pulls the fruit down to his pants... And this scene made an impression, as 29% of respondents found it extremely erotic.

Ikea had to respond after a woman filmed a sex tape in one of their stores Ikea had to respond after a woman filmed a sex tape in one of their stores