Tips to give a good blow job

The sweet sin of couples: giving/receiving a good head. To make this practice a moment of pleasure, we give you the keys to maximise the satisfaction.

How to make blow jobs feel better for you and your partner
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How to make blow jobs feel better for you and your partner

Globally, 80% of individuals practice fellatio or give a head to their partner. However, this sexual relationship still puzzles some people, and they wonder if, they ‘should masturbate at the same time,’ or ‘shift the pace,’ or wonder ‘if nibbling is allowed.' Well, we will take care of all your doubts.

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Obviously, there are natural routines fixed between you and your partner, but certain mechanisms can help spice up your sex life.

Here are a few ways wherein you can make a head feel even better.

Limit overthinking

We want to remind you that fellatio is only performed when both the partners want it. No one should feel pressured, to please the other. Once consent is established, don't be afraid to go for it, imagine giving your partner a tender kiss, just a tad bit below his/her mouth.

If pornographic films can influence us, real life has nothing to do with it. The aim is not to be vulgar and tasteless. Don't hesitate to play with your sex appeal.

You can also play with your tongue, swirl it around, slide it over the penis and even the testicles (let’s not forget them).

Head hotspots

How to make blow jobs feel better for you and your partner Unsplash

The most sensitive part of the male sex is the glans, the structure located at the tip of the penis. It is induced with several pleasure receptors. This is the hotspot we recommend you to stimulate.

You can use your mouth to suck from the top of the glans and slowly glide your tongue towards the crown. But above all, be careful: no teeth and no nibbling! The penis is very sensitive, so biting is painful, until told otherwise.

Come handy

How to give a good head

Not everything goes into your mouth. During a head, you can also use your hand. If your tongue is busy, don't hesitate to make masturbation movements at the same time.

If coordination is not your strong suit, you can also tenderly knead his testicles or penis. But for maximum effect, you can make back and forth movements with your mouth and jerk him at the same time.

You start slowly, and after about ten repetitions, you can go faster. The goal is to be in harmony with each other.

Eye spy you

Although this may sometimes seem awkward – depending on how intimate you are with the person—the man who gets his little reward often enjoys watching the person doing it.

So, if you watch him watch you do it, your partner will be even more aroused.

If you are the receiver, your role is also very important. If your partner wants to give you a head, don't hesitate to gently point out your sexual preferences, for an even better experience.

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