How to masturbate your partner

In school, we aren't given a manual on how to get a partner off through external stimulus. Today, we're going to look at how to masturbate your partner properly.

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You are in bed with your partner, and you want to please them. To achieve this, you need to be in a comfortable position.

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You can sit between their legs or, better still, on your side while they are on their back. Once everyone is comfortable, let's get down to business.

Build up the excitement

For pleasure to occur, the vulva must be lubricated. Start by kissing the erogenous zones, whether it be the neck, chest, buttocks, or inner thighs.

Also, gently caress the inner thighs, stomach, and any other areas that might feel good to them. Once you feel the excitement building, you can focus on the most intimate area.

How to caress the clitoris?

You can stroke it in a circular fashion, with one finger, two fingers, or the whole hand. You can also stroke up and down. Don't hesitate to vary the pressure. The important thing is to be aware of the signals your partner is sending you. Heavy breathing, moaning, the body contracting... These are all indicators of pleasure. And of course, you can always ask them if they like it or if they want you to do something else... Don't neglect the external and internal lips either, as they can provide a lot of sensations.

Vary the pleasures

Once you have stimulated the clitoris, you can insert one or two fingers (or more depending on their preference) inside the vagina. You can bend them so that they touch the front of the vagina and stimulate it. Alternate pressure and stroking of the clitoris to provide lots of pleasure.

Of course, while you are doing all this, you can kiss them, caress the breasts, look them straight in the eyes... In short, you have many possibilities.

In order to please your partner alternate caresses, pressure, erogenous zones... But above all, be attentive to what they like! Don't hesitate to ask them to guide you... Neither of you will regret it!

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