How many times should you change position during sex?

When having sex, you sometimes want to try out different positions. But how many times does it make sense to do this during one session?

How many times should you change position during sex?
How many times should you change position during sex?

When it comes to sex, you sometimes find yourselves stuck in a routine. You quickly end up settling for ‘quick sex’ and just sticking to the basics and what you know.

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But sometimes, it’s a good idea to change up your habits to add a little bit of spice to your sex life. What if this just means changing positions? Some people embark on a choreographic marathon when they get in bed, while others are a bit more cautious and limit themselves to just one or two positions. But is there a certain number of positions that is good to switch between when having sex?

Should we change position during sex?

Research was carried out by the rather erotic community of JOYclub who questioned 5000 of their members to find out about their habits in terms of sexual positions. The results showed that 61.9% of people performed an average of 3 different positions during sex.

But who is more fond of trying new experiences, men or women? Again, the results were clear: according to the survey responses, 67.1% of men liked to change position in comparison to 32.9% of women.

For 86.6% of members, sex can quickly become monotonous if they were to stay in the same position throughout.

Why should you change position during sex?

In addition to breaking this monotony, different positions can be pleasurable in different ways. Depending on which position you choose, penetration can be deeper and more intense… And certain erogenous zones can be more easily stimulated from certain angles. Just touching and kissing won’t even come close.

For example, spooning feels a lot different to doggy style, which involves much deeper penetration.

Some positions also make it possible to slow down an orgasm and prevent the inevitable ending from coming as quickly, whereas others will make it arrive much quicker.

But once again, there are no rules! Whether you prefer to stick to one position or spice it up with ten, it’s completely your choice. The important thing to remember is that you should always discuss it and agree it with your partner first.

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