This is the fastest way to make a woman orgasm

Trying to please your partner but can’t get the tap flowing even thirty minutes after working the pipes? Here’s what you can do to speed up the process.

Sex Moves
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Sex Moves

Sneaking a quickie in the middle of the day is uber easy when you have a penis but, unfortunately, very few people know how to achieve a female orgasm with as much speed and precision. It’s not that hard, you just need to know which buttons to push—or rather, how to push all the right buttons at the same time.

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Did you know that 80% of women orgasm throughoral sex rather than penetration? That’s your cue to retract your shaft, and get your tongue moving. Spend at least three to four minutes just stroking and kissing her clitoris with your mouth and tongue. Start off gently and ease into the act gradually. By doing, this you are not only pleasing your partner, but you’re also building anticipation which will engage her mind and hence speed up the process. Sex therapist, Dr. Kat Van Kirk tells Bustle:

Sex play can be just as gratifying as the rest of sex, in fact it can increase anticipation and spontaneity so that arousal and orgasm are improved, while the bonding hormone oxytocin gets released through extended touch.

Blended stimulation

Then move on to the next act—blended stimulation. Penetration feels great, but do you know what’s even better? A combination of shallow penetration and clitoral stimulation. Now that is the key to getting your partner to release her river in less than twenty minutes.

In this technique, you’ll be working with both the G-spot and the clitoris and that is a guaranteed orgasm right there. You can use your hand or a penis to reach the G-spot—which is located two inches inside the vagina, on the wall towards your stomach. Make sure you’re not injecting your entire member into her cave and shallow thrust in a spooning, missionary, or reverse cowgirl position.While you’re thrusting, use your other hand or a toy to activate her clitoris. She can even take control of her clit herself and get in on the fun.

Continue doing this movement at the exact same speed and pressure, and soon enough your partner will explode with pleasure!

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