Have you ever suffered from post-sex blues after making love?

Have you ever felt sad or anxious after sex? Don't panic, this is called post-coital dysphoria and it affects both women and men. Allow us to explain.

Post-sex blues
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Post-sex blues

After making love, a feeling of well-being invades the body and makes you feel euphoric. But sometimes it's just the opposite. Many women and men have experienced a depressing, sad, or even anxious feeling after a successful sexual encounter. This has a name: ‘postcoital dysphoria.’ It is also known as the ‘post-sex blues.’

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Australian researchers conducted a study on this subject in order to collect testimonies from women and men who had experienced this post-coital dysphoria. Women with ‘post-coital dysphoria’ explain that it can occur after ‘satisfying’ intercourse. They felt more irritable, anxious, sad, and melancholic, as they explained to the Australian researchers.

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A chemical reaction

During sex, the brain releases endorphins, the feel-good and pleasure hormones. Scientists believe that the ‘post-sex blues’ occur precisely because of these hormonal changes and their rebalancing, which take place during and after sex. For the same reason, ‘post-coital dysphoria’ can be accompanied by headaches.

The post-sex blues is a subject that is too little known to the general public and the scientific world. The origin of this depression is still poorly understood and the symptoms can be many. The ‘post-sex blues’ can occur in both men and women following an orgasm or masturbation. According to studies already carried out, men feel a lack of energy and are unhappy. Women, on the other hand, may develop feelings of worthlessness and mood swings.

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