How to date an assertive woman

Do men find it hard to date assertive women? In what ways can you please a woman who loves to be in charge?

How to date an assertive woman
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How to date an assertive woman

Dating in the 21st Century can be quite difficult for the average person. This is because there are a lot of traditional roles that are being reversed, more women are thriving in hitherto 'masculine' roles. Thus, there are women who would not mind taking the initiative in asking men out till they get a partner they desire. This may be ok for some men who have fully embraced feminism,but there are also some who still hold on to chauvinism. They want to initiate the conversation, pay the checks, show chivalry by opening the doors for their women, so that they are not referred to as 'effeminate men.'

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With the wide spectrum of feminism comes the 'assertive woman' who likes to take charge and do it all by herself. So how do you go about dating an assertive woman?

According to, there are some of the things to note when dating an assertive woman.

Don't play games

Assertive women don’t play hard to get so they don’t like it when a man is playing games around them. They want you to be direct when they speak to you. If they like you and approach you, they expect you to give them a definite answer and not try to play with their feelings.

She is quite decisive and expects you to follow suit. If you are planning an outing, be quick to tell her all the details of the outing. Don’t leave anything to chance because she would never do that with you either. Be spot on with decision making around her.

Be intellectually stimulating

You can’t be dumb and try to date an assertive woman. The power dynamics will never be in your favour, because you will bore her to death. She is by nature a sapiosexual,so she requires a lot of intellectual conversations. Give her mentally stimulating content to hold her attention span, if not you might lose her.

Assertive women are not the same as aggressive women, those will probably treat you badly no matter how you treat them. Everything you desire in a relationship can be easily gotten from them if you make them happy. Do the aforementioned and you just might discover that dating an assertive woman isn’t so bad afterall.

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