These are the most common male sexual fantasises

Do you have a bucket list of sexual fantasies you want to accomplish in your life? Check out some of the most common male sexual fantasies.

Man lying in bed
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Man lying in bed

What if fulfilling your fantasies became one of your life goals? This is the principle of the ‘bucket list,’ a term used to designate this desire to fulfil all your fantasies, even the most secret ones. Of course, the most common ones are sexual fantasies. And to have a rich and fulfilling sex life, you might be tempted to make your bucket list and start checking off some boxes.

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As reported by Metro UK, American lubricant brand Pjur surveyed 2,000 sexually active people and found that 64% of them had a bucket list of sexual goals. Here we take a look at the top 10 male fantasies.

In a car, in water, and anal sex

Among the most common male fantasies, making love in a car takes first place. Combining a beautiful car and a beautiful partner is a recipe for success. In second place is making love in water. Oceans, swimming pools... The sensation is pleasant and the romance is undeniable! Of course, anal sex completes the podium. Anal sex often makes men fantasise because it is taboo and less common than classic penetration.

A one night stand, sex toys, and a threesome

Then comes the famous one-night stand. As exciting as it is quick, the one-night stand remains a sure bet in the world of fantasies. 5th place is occupied by sex toys. To be used with your partner, on her or on you, or both, their variety will allow you to use your imagination.

A great classic comes in 6th place: the threesome. Two men and a woman, two women and a man, the choice is yours. But it seems that men are attracted by the prospect of sharing their sex life with others, perhaps because of the sense of community. The more the merrier!

Role-playing, food, a sex tape, and phone sex!

Then we have role-playing games in 7th place. Here again, you can let your imagination run wild and develop hundreds of different scenarios. Using food to spice up your sex (whipped cream, fruit, melted chocolate....) is the 8th most common male fantasy.

Finally, making a sex tape (#KimKardashian) (9th) and phone sex (10th) complete the ranking. If some fantasies seem easier to accomplish than others, we remind you that the most important thing to accomplish is communication with your partner.

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