Death grip: the one habit that is ruining your sex life

You don’t need to squeeze the life out of your cock while masturbating, it’s not going to give you a better orgasm. But it will ruin your chances of having satisfying sex instead.

Death grip
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Death grip

You might think that holding your penis tighter while masturbating will make your ejaculating experience faster and better. While it might hasten the process, there are other ways of massaging your member to have a more enjoyable orgasm—ways that will not end up destroying your sex life.

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What is the death grip?

Death grip is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when men have an overly tight grasp on their penis while masturbating. Making this a habit can be dangerous for your sex life because doing this continuously will make your penis accustomed to high amounts of pressure, and it will desensitise the nerves in it as well. Sex coach, Sarah Martin told Men’s Health:

If someone gets accustomed to experiencing orgasm from a lot of pressure, changing to a context with less pressure and more subtle sensations can make it difficult to experience orgasm.

As a result, having sex with a partner will not be nearly as satisfying as your death grip—because no vagina, mouth or sex toy can ever compare to the tightness of one’s hand.

How do you stop?

The good news is that you can reverse the numbing effects of the death grip. All you need to do is be gentle with your body, go slow, and practice!

If you’re used to rough self-stimulationon a daily basis, take a break. Abstain from the activity for at least one week. Then ease back into your special sessions by slowly increasingthefrequency from once a week, to twice and so on.

When you go back to pleasuring yourself, go in with a fresh mindset. Instead of focusing on the big O, try feeling the small subtle sensations along the way. Most importantly, let your penis breathe, loosen your grip, help your hands with some lube, and pace yourself.

It’s going to be challenging in the beginning. Your urge to suffocate your penis will come, but it will also go. Just remember, all good things come to those who wait. It might seem like you’re stuck in a tunnel of mediocre orgasms at first, but soul-crushing sex is waiting for you on the other side. So, keep training your tool and treat it with care!

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