The most common mistakes to avoid making in bed at all costs

You can't always get it right. Inevitably, every man will make or will have made these common mistakes at some point in their lives.

Mistakes in bed
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Mistakes in bed

When you're heading into a sexual encounter, you've got one thing on your mind: delivering an immaculate performance. But is that always how it goes? No, of course not. Although it definitely doesn’t hurt to know what your partner likes in the bedroom, above all, practice makes perfect.

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But there are a few common mistakes in sex that, when avoided, can increase both parties' pleasure immensely.

More than just a quickie

Sex should be a give and take with both partners playing the main role. Reducing it to a simple ‘in & out' does not do it justice.

So what helps? Self-reflection. Reflecting on your own behaviour can be useful in sex, as well as in life. You could also try shifting down a gear when masturbating. If you can delay your orgasm when performing solo, you can do so during sex as well.

Lack of hygiene and frenzy

Back hair, sweaty feet, poor hygiene—the list of potential mistakes is a long one. But what do masters of the bedroom do to avoid this? Very simple, personal hygiene.

Another faux pas is the wild, frenzied thrusting. If men don’t pay attention to how they are moving their hips move, they can end up hurting their partner or preventing them from climaxing. Sex is like the tango and you both need to be in unison for it to work well.

Oral sex can be a power trip

During oral sex more than anything else, the woman should be the one to set the tone in terms of physical tenderness. She should determine how deeply she wants to put your member in her mouth and you have to just accept that.

Only when you get involved and start taking care of your partner's needs can you finally let yourself go. And then the most beautiful thing in the world has the chance to become an intense and incomparable experience.

Mistakes all couples make in bed Mistakes all couples make in bed