Does a bigger sexual organ really amount to more pleasure?

The importance of penis size or lack thereof is a question that has tormented men since the beginning of time. Do you really need to have a big penis to please your partner?

Does size matter?
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Does size matter?

The average size of a flaccid penis is about 9 centimeters, and erect penises average 13 centimeters. Of course, there are some micropenises out there, as well as 18-centimeter-long penises. However, very few men can say they have those. Men often wonder how the size of their manhood might affect the amount of sexual pleasure they give a woman. While many believe in the myth that 'bigger is better,' that's not necessarily true.

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The average depth of a vagina is 10 centimeters. Regardless of whether your erect penis is 11 centimeters or 18 centimeters long, you're going to encounter the same issue: you won't be able to go any deeper.

What about anal sex?

When having sex with a partner, you should always make sure that they're okay, and always, always protect yourself. Next: make sure the anus is well lubricated and sufficiently dilated. Once intercourse starts, you'll see that the rectum is approximately six inches long.

If you're penetrating a man, his prostate will get all the stimulation it needs from a medium-sized penis. In case you haven't heard of this small gland: the prostate is the size of a hazelnut and is located at the front of the rectum. Prostate stimulation leads to very powerful orgasms in men. And the good news is, you can reach it just with your fingers.

A toxic and misguided conception of masculinity

An above-average penis can cause your partner to feel pain during intercourse. Also, the person you're getting busy with might be shy about telling you if that is the case.

A lot of times, when men start thinking about the size of their penis, what they're really trying to measure is their masculinity. The bigger the penis, the more masculine its owner, right? This whole idea is founded on a misguided and toxic conception of masculinity. The sentiment behind this logic is a desire to dominate others. Speaking of which, a friendly reminder: in the absence of consent, domination has nothing to do with sex. Sex is something you share with another person, and it's essential to communicate with your partner(s) to make sure that everyone involved is enjoying it.

Also worth noting: having sex isn't just about penetrating or being penetrated by someone! And dear straight friends, we can't tell you enough that the majority of women cannot achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation. So try to be a little more creative, yeah?

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