There are 3 surprising effects that wine has on your sexuality

Good news: drinking wine directly influences our sexuality! And this isn’t just because it lowers your inhibitions... This is what happens chemically speaking in men and women after they’ve had a glass of wine.

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There is still quite a lot of mystery surrounding the ethanol molecule, but some recent data has been released that has cleared a few things up. Ethanol has a dual effect on our bodies, it both lowers your inhibitions and makes you feel better and more comfortable.

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What’s more, alcohol increases the secretion of two other neurotransmitters, dopamine and endorphins. Our brain, obviously working differently to how it normally would, then reacts to these neurotransmitters, which in turn affects how we feel as well as our capability to make decisions.

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For men, red wine (particularly pinot noir) is known to help the blood flow better, and therefore also helps when it comes to getting erections.

For women and according to experts in the field, wine directly affects the female sex drive, mainly referring to both their desire and lubrication.

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