Hotdogging is the new sexual practice we should all be trying out

Sex games are a good way to break out of the sexual routine. Have you heard of one called ‘hotdogging?’

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Sex games are a very good way to discover your partner, to demystify the sexual act, and to break out of the sexual routine. Here is one called ‘hotdogging,’ which has already gained many followers.

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The term may at first remind you of the famous American sandwich. Well, yes, there is a link. How do you go about hotdogging?

One partner rubs their penis between the buttocks of the other, who is lying on their stomach. Is the hot dog imagery clearer now? The partner then moves back and forth to increase the pleasure. So, as you can see, there is no penetration involved.

What are the advantages of this sex game?

Like many erotic games, hotdogging is a way of increasing excitement for both partners! It is also a way to approach sexual practice without penetration, while still being sex.

An erotic questionnaire

This questionnaire can also be used as foreplay, you just have to answer honestly to questions such as:

  • What turns me on the most is...
  • I love it when you start foreplay this way...
  • Some of my favourite intimate memories with you are...
  • The way I prefer to pleasure you is...
  • The time you surprised me the most (in a good way) was...

This is a good way to raise the temperature, of course, but also to take advantage of it to communicate with your partner about your fantasies, your needs, your desires. And yes, sex is also about communication!

Check out the video above for more info!

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