Soaking: A Mormon sexual practice taking TikTok by storm

Ex-Morman TikTokers have revealed a sexual act that members of the community practice to have sex while safekeeping one's virginity.

Mormon sex practice
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Mormon sex practice

Virginity is a social construct that is taken quite seriously in various communities around the world. Mormons, specifically, believe that pre-marital sex is a sin and participating in this act is considered so scandalous that it could potentially get you kicked out of your church.

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Several members of the Mormon community have, however, found a loophole that allows them to get sexual gratification without actually breaking the law of chastity. It’s through a sexual act known as soaking. The term has taken TikTok by storm ever since ex-Mormon users revealed the practice on the platform.

What is soaking?

Soaking is essentially when you penetrate the vagina with a penis, but remain as still as possible once it’s inside. There is no moving, thrusting, grinding, or shaking—a single movement, and you’re going to have to confess your sins to the Bishop if you want a place in the house of the Lord.

At least that’s what the ex-Mormons of TikTok are saying. A user known as Exmo Lex talked about the whole practice on TikTok, saying:

They [Mormons] know it's against the rules, they know it's bad, they know they shouldn’t do it. Most of them talk to their Bishops about it. It’s just something they do and they help it. They justify it in the moment by saying it’s not sex.

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Jump hump

Another ex-Mormon TikToker, Kathy, uploaded a video title ‘Jump Hump,’ describing the sex act even further. Apparently, many teens who 'soak' also get a friend to jump on the bed to create movement. In their mind, it isn't considered sex because the two main participants are not the ones who are moving their bodies.


Did you know if someone else jumps on the bed, the movement doesn’t count? #notallheros#exmormon#soaking#soaktok#hiatus#backatit#mormonshit#exmo

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LadBible shared an account of a Mormon Reddit user who admitted that he had performed the act several times. He wrote:

The first time we 'soaked' we were on the floor of my living room, and she just asked me to put it in but not to move it around.
We never referred to it as anything in particular - we just did it. I think if I'd given it a name like 'soaking' or 'floating' she would've been pretty upset.
It wasn't premeditated - she just had a strong desire to have sex and was willing to push the boundaries of her virginity as far as her sensibilities would allow.
There wasn't anything special about this 'manoeuvre'  - we would just lay in the missionary position motionless —but it was hot as hell. All of that buildup and anticipation made it super exciting. Needless to say, it didn't last long.
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