This Is Why You Should Let Your Girlfriend Peg You

If you were ever curious as to how to find your P-spot, this just might be the sex act for you!

This is why you should let your girlfriend peg you
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This is why you should let your girlfriend peg you

If you haven't already tried it then what exactly is it that you're waiting for? Pegging, popularized by TV shows like Broadcity, Weeds and Deadpool, can be intensely pleasurable experiences for both you and your partner. But before you embark on this new sexual adventure, you must absolutely throw your preconceived notions of heterosexual sex out the window.

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Because pegging, bluntly put, entails having your female partner penetrate you with a strap-on dildo. So you can't go into it having rigid ideals about gender roles, otherwise you could be missing out on what could be the most amazing orgasm of your life!

The term was first coined in 2001 by a sex advice columnist named Dan Savage who described the experience at the time as involving a cisgender woman anally penetrating a dildo inside her cis gender male partner. Since, the term has taken on a more inclusive definition whereby the only thing to truly take into account is the presence of a dildo and an anus, and the idea that a power dynamic between the two exists—a top and a bottom.

So how do you go about pegging?

As with any sexual practice, communication and consent precede any sexual activity. So once you've thoroughly discussed what you and your partner are comfortable introducing into the bedroom (or living room, wherever you might please to get pegged), there are some key things you have to keep in mind as the receiver of the pegging: it might get dirty, it might be painful, but it will all be worth it! The following are three essential tips you will want to use if you plan on trying pegging out with your special lady friend.

1. Work your way into it: By this we mean start with something small like your fingers to ease your way into things and relieve the tension that so many men carry in their butts. Progressively, you might want to move to something larger like a small dildo or a butt-plug before moving on to the big leagues.

2. Douche, douche and douche some more: This means inserting water inside your anal cavity to clean it out to avoid any unwanted accidents from happening in the middle of vigorous (or slow and sensual!) thrusting.

3. Lube will be your best friend: This should not come as a surprise fellas. The last thing you want is to have a foreign object inside you without the proper lubrication.

Is the pay off worth all the preparation?

Yes. It is. It is common wisdom both socially and medically that men's most erogenous zone is his prostate—you know, the walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis accessible through the anus.

Many have reported experiencing the most intense sexual pleasure when having their prostates stimulated. But best of all is the fact that this is an equal opportunity sex act, meaning that the one doing the pegging will also derive pleasure from it: sometimes it can be in the form of actual physical pleasure and other times it can also be the psychological thrill one gets from being the giver.

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