Acupressure: This method increases sexual pleasure tenfold

All means are good to increase your pleasure in bed, but acupressure is a technique that sometimes holds some very nice surprises.

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It's no secret that massage is one of the best techniques for being relaxed and totally at ease. This is also the case for acupressure, which can relieve migraines or headaches. But this method has another benefit: an accentuated sexual pleasure. We tell you everything!

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Acupressure to increase sexual pleasure

Sex toys, special positions, role-playing... To spice up and improve your sex life, several techniques can be effective. But some of them don't require any tricks during your sex sessions.

Acupressure, which is well known when you want to get rid of a headache or when you also want to relax, is one of these methods. It involves stimulating key areas of the human body by applying pressure with the thumb, index or middle finger. This activates the energy flowing through you and strengthens your desire.

Some key points for pleasure

But you'll need to press correctly and thoroughly in key areas to guarantee a tenfold increase in sexual pleasure. Neon Mag mentions several key points: the lower abdomen in the groin, below the navel, the stomach, the lower back and the outside of your leg.

To maximise the chances of a successful sexual encounter, you can apply gentle pressure in a 'slow and gradual' manner during the foreplay stage. Also remember that some areas in women are much more erogenous than others and that you should not forget these areas during sex.

Try the 'golden arch' sexual position to increase pleasure tenfold Try the 'golden arch' sexual position to increase pleasure tenfold