These are the most erogenous zones on the female body

From the Greek eros (love and desire) and gennan (to generate), the erogenous zones are, as you will have understood, particularly sensitive parts of the body likely to provoke arousal. But what are the main ones in women?

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While female and male orgasms are not so different, several studies have suggested that women have more highly erogenous zones that allow them to achieve a more intense arousal than men. This was the finding of a study made by the universities of Bangor, Swansea (Wales), and Johannesburg (South Africa), published in the Cortex neuroscience journal in 2013.

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The researchers asked 500 women and 300 men to rate the sexual arousal they received from stimulating 41 areas of their bodies. The women rated six of them higher than 7/10, while the men rated two (the penis, and the mouth and lips). Let's take a look at these intensely erogenous areas for women and all the secrets they hold!

The clitoris and the vagina

Not surprisingly, the clitoris and vagina, considered primary erogenous zones, scored 9 and 8.4 out of 10 respectively. But stimulating them is no less complex, as each woman is different.

Some women are more sensitive to the caressing of the clitoris, while others feel more arousal when the anterior zone of the vagina (the famous G-spot) or the zone close to the cervix (the ‘deep spot’) is stimulated. For others, it is the sides or the back of the vaginal wall (rectum side)... The possibilities are endless. The ideal is thus to explore these different spots together.

The mouth and lips

In third place are the mouth and lips with a score of 7.9 out of 10. Firstly, because they are part of the seduction game and a kiss is often the first point of contact before sexual intercourse. Secondly, they have no less than one million nerve endings, making the area one of the most sensitive to touch, cold, etc., in the body.

It's no wonder that a passionate kiss can have such an effect on you. Gentle, slow, with a bit of a nibble... Here again, each person has their own preferences for what turns them on. But lingering on your partner's mouth is a sure-fire way of increasing the heat.

The nape of the neck

Who would have thought that the neck would come before the breasts, with a score of 7.5? And yet, with its thin skin, it is very sensitive to touch. Whether it is fingers gently brushing it, kisses placed on its surface, or a prolonged massage of the area, it's highly possible that this will cause uncontrolled shivers all along the spine.

Stimulating the nerve endings at the nape of the neck also triggers the production of relaxing and soothing endorphins. This explains, in part, why some women like to have their hair pulled during sex.

The neck scored 7.5 out of 10 Unsplash

The breasts and nipples

Like the mouth, the breasts and nipples (7.3/10) have thousands of nerve endings. So much so that 82% of women surveyed said that stimulating their breasts increased their arousal, according to another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2006. As with other erogenous zones, however, they are particularly sensitive and should be 'handled' with care. The nipples are the most receptive, and thus the most likely to provide pleasure. But the areolas, the darker areas that swell during orgasm, are also particularly responsive.

Next, respondents ranked the inner thighs (6.7), the ears (5), and the lower back (4.7) as the most responsive areas. At the bottom of the ranking, the feet scored 1.3 out of 10. Of course, this is only an average. Not every woman (or man) will respond to external sexual stimuli in the same way and will have their own preferences. It's up to you to discover what they are together!

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