Benjamin Mendy: The binding rule he has to follow every day

Placed on parole since 7 January, Benjamin Mendy will have to respect a particularly strict rule before his trial.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

The horizon is still far from clear for Benjamin Mendy. Accused of rape and suspended from all sporting activity since the summer of 2021, the Manchester City defender was released on bail by Chester Magistrates' Court following a fourth application to do so. The release was hard-won but comes with specific conditions.

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Must report to police every day

As reported by The Sun, the former Olympique de Marseille and AS Monaco player is now obliged to report to the police station in Macclesfield, a town south of Manchester, every day. A particularly strict measure that the 2018 world champion will have to comply with if he wants to avoid detention.

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Giving more details, the tabloid adds that the French international, who is now under an electronic bracelet, is being driven there by his own driver.

In addition to this obligation, the footballer has also been ordered to surrender his passport to the authorities and placed under house arrest by the courts.

As a reminder, Benjamin Mendy's first parole was revoked last August after a party was organised at his home.

Awaiting trial

Accused of committing 7 rapes and a sexual assault, the fullback trained at Le Havre is currently awaiting the next preliminary hearing for his trial on 2 February. This should be able to take place in the summer of 2022. It remains to be seen whether Mendy will be able to appear as a free man or as a prisoner.

Benjamin Mendy: The reasons for his release on bail Benjamin Mendy: The reasons for his release on bail