Vaping: Teenager's Lung Collapses Following Consuming One Pod Of E-Liquid Every Two Days

An 18-year-old student had been smoking Juul e-cigarette pods for about a year. We all know this isn’t healthy, but even doctors didn’t expect this to happen.

Teenager Vaping
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Teenager Vaping

The 18-year-old student from Florida didn’t expect that vaping would nearly kill him. He went through a pod of e-liquid every two days which is the equivalent of about 10 nicotine cigarettes a day.

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Emergency operation

Because of his vaping, the young student’s lungs collapsed. Chance Ammirata was immediately taken to hospital where they performed an emergency operation. If he hadn’t been taken to hospital so quickly, he would have died.

During the surgery, they closed up the hole in his lungs and reinflated them. According to the doctors, this damage was caused by vaping.

Terrible consequences

Because his lung collapsed, Chance Ammirata will never be able to do any intense exercise like he used to be able to. Because of this, he has had to give up his two biggest hobbies, cross country and diving. The life of this legal addict has been strongly restricted because of this and Chance now wants to warn everyone online, especially on Instagram, of the dangers.

The young student is not the only victim of vaping by any account. In the US state of Wisconsin alone, there have been nine other cases recorded of teenagers needing to be taken to hospital because of vaping.

Juul disputes the accusations

Chance had been using Juul vaping products which are also available to buy in the UK. The company has since commented on the accusations made against the company and has rejected them completely. According to the Daily Mail, the company is defending themselves by saying that their products are a lot healthier than conventional e-cigarettes.

After the incidents that occurred last week, more and more people have been demanding that vaping products should be more closely controlled and regulated. If and when that happens, however, is still uncertain. Check out these tips on how to keep your lungs healthy.

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