Benjamin Mendy: Is Manchester City still paying his salary?

Manchester City's Benjamin Mendy is accused of seven alleged rapes and one sexual assault. But the left-back could well continue to receive his salary.

Benjamin Mendy
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Benjamin Mendy

Accused of seven rapes and one sexual assault, Benjamin Mendy is currently incarcerated in the HMP Altcourse prison in Liverpool, awaiting his trial in July 2022. A detention centre where he is said to be living 'a hellish life,' according to the revelations of The Sun. Manchester City has decided to suspend the left-back, but despite this decision, the 2018 World Champion could continue to receive his football salary.

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Manchester City still paying Mendy's salary?

If you look closely at the texts available on the English government website, you will see a specificity:

You can be suspended without pay if your employment contract says your employer can do this, but they must be acting reasonably.
If your employment contract does not say your employer can do this, your employer may still be able to suspend you, but with pay. To show that it’s not a punishment the suspension will normally be on full pay.

A necessary mention in the contract

Clearly, if Benjamin Mendy's contract with Manchester City does not include a clause saying that the club can stop paying him in the event of a suspension, the Sky Blues are obliged to continue paying him a salary.

It is not known whether this clause was included in the former Monaco man's lease with the Sky Blues, as it has not been leaked. It is therefore unclear whether the defender is currently being paid a salary for his work in prison.

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